MDF is a well crafted one-stop Application for addiction recovery (especially Porn) with several other self-help features which help users find the motivation to get rid of their addiction and start over a new life.

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So how did MDF come into existence. What inspired me? Well the story goes like this. I used to suffer from porn addiction since the beginning of my teenage. So experiencing this addiction phase and while being able to get out of this, made me realize that there are many more individuals like me out there in need of guidance and help. So I decided to create an application inspired by struggles and experiences learned during my own journey which could reach individuals in every corner of the world and in this way I’ll be able to give something back to this community which helped me immensely in my recovery.

Our MDF family recently crossed more than 500k Downloads.

The main purpose of the app was to tackle the difficulties faced by a common porn addict and cater his/her needs by providing simple yet useful tools to fight against addiction under one roof. Tools like good (really good) motivational wallpapers, handpicked article and videos related to self improvement and NoFap, Daily Journal etc. came into existence. Just like one keeps improving as the days pass by, our app also improved with every update, adding new features to its arsenal.

So let’s discuss some of the major features in detail:

  1. Streak-O-Meter

It is basically a counter to keep track of your streak without porn and masturbation in order to fight addiction. As the days pass by the meter gets filled. If you ever relapse in between the streak, the meter resets itself back to day 0.

You can also share your streak with others by simply clicking on the Streak-O-Meter and sharing it through other apps. The users can also set a manual streak in case they have started their streak before installing the MDF app. For this,

Step 1- Go to the MDF settings menu

Step 2- Click on ‘Backup & Restore

Step 3- Use ‘Set Custom Streak’ to enter the starting date of your streak.

In case of a relapse, click on the ‘Relapse’ icon in the middle and choose a reason which lead to it. After this a new streak starts from Day zero.

2. Wallpapers

The daily wallpapers are the backbone of the MDF app. As the user successfully completes a day, the app will unlock a new wallpaper as a reward. This concept was inspired by personal experience. I have always loved the idea of external motivation and how helpful it can be during tough times. Also finding a decent wallpaper with a short but impactful quote is rare and one might even get distracted in the search process. So to solve this issue and integrate all of it within one roof proved to be very beneficial for the users.

How To Use:

In the MDF app, you can find the wallpapers section on the Dashboard. By clicking on it you can load the wallpapers. New wallpapers are added on a daily basis if you continue your streak. You can set them as your device wallpaper or even download or share them with your friends.

3. MDF Battles

“You are 95% more likely to complete your goal with a buddy.”

MDF Battles is a platform for adding little fun to your Self Improvement journey by having a partner with similar goals. It is one of the most used features of our app. Here the users can challenge random people or their friends for 7 days contest. Wherein users can gain points by having a consistent streak, performing daily habits, motivating the opponent, and at the end of the week, the player with more points wins the battle.

How To Use:

First, you have to go to the Backup and Restore section in the Settings menu and sign in with your account.

MDF Battle can be found on the Dashboard. Users can click on the “Join random battle” button to find a random opponent or they can simply type their friend’s username. (e-mail id) and the other guy will receive a request to join or decline the battle.

If someone has sent you a Battle Request, then the can go to the Battle Section and Accept/Reject the battle.

Once the battle gets started users can complete their respective daily tasks and earn points for seven days. They can see each other’s streak, progress, points gained, etc. and even chat with each other and share some motivation through the ‘intimidate’ option.

The player with the most points at the end of the week wins the Battle. And the battle will automatically get over by the end of 8th day.

4. Panic Button

Panic Button has been regarded as the ‘Urge Killer’ or the ‘Savior’ by many users. Whenever an urge strikes you can just click on it and it will provide you with an instant and impactful message so that you can reflect on it and take your mind off the urges.

How To Use:

It is present on the Dashboard at the top right corner. Upon opening, you can click on MDF icon (volcano) to shuffle it.

5. MDF Community

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together.

Since the beginning of our journey we have always wanted to establish a community where all of us can come together and help each other out. MDF Community was our latest major addition to the app. Now users can come here, share their experience, seek guidance, and even share the content on other platforms.

The MDF community also provides an option for the users to challenge each other for the MDF battle.

How To Use:

MDF Community can be found in the main menu on the top left section of the home screen.

You have to be logged in in order to post or comment. (If you haven’t then go to the Backup and Restore Section in the Settings menu)

You can create a new post by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. You can challenge anyone by clicking on the ‘Battle Icon’ present next to the username on their posts.

6. MDF Breathe

MDF Breathe was one of the most requested feature from our audience for a long time. Everyone who has been on a self improving journey knows the value of mediation and breathing exercises.

With this feature the users can now also maintain a streak of daily mediation session.

How To Use:

Go to MDF Breathe in the main menu. Select the session duration. Sessions range between 2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the users choice. Once completed the streak increments by +1.

7. Daily Articles and Videos

You can find handpicked content in MDF app to keep you on track. Read influential articles and watch motivational videos which are updated on a daily basis.

8. Sessions:

We strongly believe that in order to overcome any habit, you have to replace it with a better one. And based on experience, it is much easier to maintain longer streaks when you are performing other life improving activities along with semen retention, which in turn helps you perform better in other aspects of your life.

Therefore we have provided these 4 default Habits which you can perform on a daily basis. After every session you can increment it by clicking on the ⬆️

You can even scroll sideways and add a Custom Habit of your choice. (At most 9 Habits can be added)

You can also add or delete a habit by selecting the Manage Custom Habits in the Progress section.

9. MDF Journal

A paper notebook and pen are fine for journaling, but apps offer more. Keeping a journal is an act of gratitude. It makes you aware of your surroundings, cognizant of your actions, and open to adapting to all the changes around and within you. Keeping all these in mind, we created the MDF Journal which redefines journaling.

MDF journal offers you the option to write daily Notes as well as tracking daily activities like Workout, Gratitude, Schedule, Dreams, Reading, Goals, Body, Meditation, Finances, Diet and MDF.

10. Stats:

MDF Stats contain customized sections wherein user can watch detailed analysis of his/her streak and overall progress. User can see their earned badges in the ‘Achievements’ section in stats.

They can also see the monthly analysis in the Calendar section below.

Down below they can see the Streak Analysis, Weekday Analysis, Urge Analysis, Trigger Analysis etc. Users can go to the MDF Store and buy the above mentioned stats and unlock other features too.

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Have a life improving journey ahead with MDF.

One stop app for your addiction recovery and daily motivation.